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Create E2 Plugins / IPKG Packages.

This guide will explain how you can create your own IPKG packages.

Be aware: don't translate the code, keep it English



Or your own (Linuxhome/root/SOMENAME/CONTROL you put the following files.


Make sure that the line endings are in UNIX style if you're doing the work from a Windows machine, you can use NotePad(PlusPlus) wich has support for UNIX style line endings.

In the file
control put the following text:

Package: enigma2-plugin-picons-MYPACKAGENAME
Version: 2010-10-29
Description: Picons
Architecture: mipsel
Section: extra
Priority: optional
Maintainer: xxxx
Homepage: xxxx
Depends: enigma2
Source: xxxx

When you look at the package name structure
'enigma2-plugin-' will always be the same, the word 'picons' can change according to the style of you package, take a look at your download menu on your Dreambox/VU+ DUO and you'll understand. The xxxx can also be changed to something of your liking.

Then we also have the file
postrm, in our example we will put the following in postrm:

rm -rf /picon

This file will get executed after we have removed our package, to do some more cleanup.
There is no need to put commands in here to remove the files that you install, they wil automatically be removed.

You can also use the files:

postinst <--Right after the installation
preinst <--Right before the installation
prerm <--Right before the removal

There is still one thing to do in our example, we should put some picon files in the folder:


You can put also some other folders in
/home/root/SOMENAME, the directory stucture that you create there, will be the final directory structure that is installed on your Dreambox/VU+ DUO.

Now you can build the package using the command:

ipkg-build /home/root/SOMENAME

Wait a bit...., depending on how large your package is, when it has finished building your package. There should be a file called:

/home/root/enigma2-plugin-picons-MYPACKAGENAME_ 2010-10-29_mipsel.ipk

This file you can install using the command:

ipkg install /home/root/enigma2-plugin-picons-MYPACKAGENAME_ 2010-10-29_mipsel.ipk

If you put your file somewhere on a webserver you can also use:

ipkg install http://www.MYWEBSERVER.com/enigma2-plugin-picons-MYPACKAGENAME_ 2010-10-29_mipsel.ipk

The package will then be downloaded and installed.

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