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====How do I set up the plugin's on my E2 box?====
//[[E1Setup E1 - DM5 & 6 series/DM7000,DM7020 users click here]]//

Here we can tell your E2 DM box to update software, add or remove software in real time via our PLi servers to;

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- [[E2PluginsWeb Web Interface]] Where we can configuration for the Web interface (Webif)
- [[E2PluginsPicture Picture Player]] Where we select images to be played out on our TV screen
- [[E2PluginsBack Backup and Restore]] Where we can backup and restore our system settings - to usb stick?
- [[E2PluginsSoft Software Update]] Update your plugins in real time

**Extra links**
1) [[e2MoviePlayer Howto setup and use my personal video player / movie player]]
1) [[e2Webif Howto use the WebInterface (webif) on my DM800]] Plugin above
1) [[e2Stream Howto stream my DM800 to my PC / MAC or Linux Box]]
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