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====How do I use these menus on my E2 box?====
==={{color c="gray" text="This is an Enigma 2 or E2 menu"}}===

Simply press the **MENU** button on your remote control unit, then use your **up** and **down** arrows to select the option you require, then press the **OK** button to continue

{{image alt="Main Menu" title="Main Menu" url="/images/wiki/000847_800_main_menu.jpg"}}

- [[E2Sub Subtitles]] - //Setup subtitles//
- [[E2MediaPlayer Media player]] - //Play back my music files//
- [[E2Timer Timer]] //- where I can see my timer events//
- [[E2Info Information]] //- information on this DM box, and the TV channel I am watching//
- [[E2Plugins Plugins]] - all the plugins I have installed on my DM Box
- [[E2Setup Setup]] //- where I can setup everything on my DM Box//
- [[E2Standby Standby / Restart]] //- where you can stop and restart your DM Box safely//

{{image class alt="DM800" title="DM800" url="000847_e2gears.jpg"}}

**Q**: What does this mean (the gears)?
**A:** It means the system is working (webif, running an application) //so please wait a moment//.
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we are looking for E2 contributors for E2 howto's please PM [[WanWizard WanWizard]] or [[jonc jonc]]
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