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=====How to set up my Media Player on my E2 box=====

This function will allow you to playback music (only) via your set top box.

- Press //OK// and browse to the wanted folder with //UP/DOWN// arrows
- Press //OK// to put the files from the File list into the Play list
- < and > besides 0 to skip back and forward between the songs
- Bouquet +/- switch between File list and Play list
- You can always press the //MENU// key for HELP
- [[http://www.pli-images.org/files/mediaplayer_enigma_2_help_button_screens.pdf Download & View this Media Player HELP file in .pdf format in realtime]] //A Help wizard//

{{image alt="000847_E2mediaplayer1.jpg" title="Media Player" url="000847_E2mediaplayer1.jpg"}}

Once you have selected the directory with your .mp3 files in it you can play them as this screen show

{{image alt="000847_E2mediaplayer1.jpg" title="Media Player" url="000847_E2mediaplayer2.jpg"}}

If you press the MENU key you will see this screen which allows you do other options

{{image alt="000847_E2mediaplayer1.jpg" title="Media Player" url="000847_E2mediaplayer3.jpg"}}

//This is an Enigma 2 or E2 menu//
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