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====Howto set up parental control====
//E1 users [[E1SystemParent click here for the E1 Parental control setup details]]//

**Why and what is this function?**

* Why? To stop family members viewing certain channels / menus on your DM box.
* What? Parental Control is just that, it controls or locks channels with a password to stop family members viewing inappropriate content and so on. You might want to stop your five (5) year old from watching the sexy channel so you would block the sexy channel with a PIN code only you know.

Any other uses for this feature? Yes to stop your husband, wife, kids, friends etc from going to your menu options and mucking up the setting on your DM box i.e deleting bouquets, channels, recordings etc. But more on these options below.

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====Menu - Setup - Parental control====

1) Press Left/Right to enable Parental Control
1) Press Left/Right to enable to Protect the Setup
1) Press Left/Right to enable to Protect the Services

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