[24-06-2009] PLi® Jade3 Enigma2 images released

A new Enigma2 PLi® Dreambox release is available for download

The Original Enigma2 PLi® Jade3 suite contains the following images:

* PLi®-Jade3-DM7025(Plus)
* PLi®-Jade3-DM800
* PLi®-Jade3-DM8000

For all DVB-S, DVB-C and DVB-T versions.

Please only use the download section on our PLi® website to be sure you download our original PLi® software.

Direct download...

New features highlights:
- PMT parsing fix: avoid finding audiostreams in what are actually subtitling/teletext streams.
- DTS audio support
-support to disable background scanning

More new features:
- EliteDVB repository June 24th 2009
- PLi® repository June 24th 2009
- The global (all satellites worldwide) satellites.xml updated 15/06/2009 (DVB-S: FEC = Automatic; DVB-S2: FEC = Normal)

Dream Multimedia Enigma2 / Plugins changes (20090303 -> 20090603):
- No more show the mediaplayer gui after skipping with number keys
- Fixed e2 crash on much harddisc tranfers (standby handling)
- A little bit faster e2 startup
- Dont ask for subservice to record from when only one subservice is available in epg event
- Fix in nmbsd.ttf font for polish epg
- Small fix for aac audio in .mov files
- Fixed Astra HD and Anixe HD in default transponderlist and default bouquet
- Fixed problem with epg on some services introduced by the prev polish epg fix
- More fixes for polish epg
- Faster pluginlist reload
- Fix not working mediaplayer on first startup
- Fix not working dvd player on first startup
- Fix crash in virtual keyboard
- Fix audio pid caching
- No more stop playback of a running recording in some conditions
- Fix frequently crash (font render fix)
- Show correct audio/video pid in service info screen
- Fix record handling on pmt changes
- Small fixes for DVB-T scan when transponder use not proper TSID/ONID
- Show both audio language names(in one line) in audio selection when a single PID with two mono audio tracks is used
- Add 7 day EPG for viasat on 5?E
- Add more tsid/onid combinations for feed detection
- More robust satellites.xml parsing
- Some timer collision check backports
- Fix crashes on skip forward/backward in pvr playbacks
- Fix not working radio still picture in some conditions
- Fix incorrect showed duration in mediaplayer infobar
- Fix encoding on upc direct transponders
- Take care for transmitted teletext subtitle hide flag
- Backport some frontend changes
- Fix mediaplayer socket leaks
- Backport diseqc tester plugin

- Online update from Jade(1/2) to Jade3 is not officially supported, the feed has been renamed from 'jade' to 'jade3'
(the changes are such that in particular the 7025 cannot handle an online update. If you want to, change the feed url in /etc/ipkg/official-feed.conf from jade2 to jade3, but make a good backup of your settings before you update, be prepared that the update fails)
- For editing a Enigma2 (HDTV) channellist, you will need a channeleditor which fully supports the service4 type lamedb file, like for example: DreamBoxEdit 3.0 or Dreamset v2.20

Drivers and bootloaders:
- Bootloader #61 for DM7025(Plus)
- 20090206 drivers for DM7025(Plus)
- Bootloader #73 for DM800
- 20090612 drivers for DM800
- Bootloader #73 for DM8000
- 20090612 drivers for DM8000

Dream Multimedia Drivers changes (20090310 -> 20090603):
- TS fix for Alps BSBE2
- Alps BSBE1 C01A wakeup fix
- Some radio fixes (services with corrupt or none PCR)
- Optimized ir driver for original dream remote control
- Mute problems fixed (when mute was enabled in ac3 mode and switched to a service without ac3)
- Demux "feed_cb but filter not GO" bug fixed (i.e. this fixes frequently crashes on cyfrowy polsat channels)
- Working on dvb-t tuner initialisation problems
- More demux fixes
- Fix crash on "HD-Test ARD ZDF"
- Fixes for better skipping in dvd player
- Fixes for better stillframe support for dvd player
- Small audio mute changes during skip and pcm -> compressed transition
- Small performance fix

- enigma2 plugins 20090624
- Latest Henksat settings June 1st 2009

- dTV-HD added (this is currently the most uptodate HD skin, with the smallest risk of getting green screens)
- 'center' support added in coordinate parsing (still supporting our own e/c coordinate conventions)

- Several translations updated

- Online update support (IPKG feed)
- The global (all satellites worldwide) satellites.xml updated 15/06/2009 (DVB-S: FEC = Automatic; DVB-S2: FEC = Normal)

Known general Enigma2 Issues:
- USB SD card detection size: (, -1MB free)
- Automatic mounts of a CF card fails: you can add it via 'fstab' which is located in /etc/
- First time entering PLugins menu: Mediaplayer : a known hotplug init.py problem
- Slow C-Band Scan in Asia: due to the empty feed transponders
- Network wizard: DM800 LCD screen is hard to read under several wizard settings
- Picons don't work on all satellites which contains different bands: due to the orbital position of the various bands (S,C,Ku) (serviceref)
- DVB subtitles do not yet work with HD skins

See our PLi® Wiki for more answers on your questions...

Many low level changes fixes and updates...

More detailed info, Wiki, FAQ's, HowTo's, TechNotes and information about this and the previous PLi® releases can be found on the PLi® Website:


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