E2Backup & restore

There are several ways to create backups: a complete system backup and a backup of your settings.

1- Complete system backup
For the VU+ DUO: Menu > Plugins> VuPlus NFI-Backup
For Enigma2 Dreamboxes: Menu > Plugins> NFI-Backup

Using this plugin (available as online-download) enables you to make a complete system backup in a couple of minutes. The result is an NFI-file, allowing to flash the image using VUtils (for the VU+ DUO) or DreamUp (for the Dreamboxes). For the VU+ DUO there is an other result: a folder with the name "vuplus" is created. It can be used to flash the image using an USB-stick. All files created are found on the HDD (if available).

Using a complete system backup is especially useful if you want to make an excursion to an other image, and you want to ensure a safe and easy return to your existing system (which I am sure you will) in only a few minutes.

2- Settings backup using softwaremanagement
Menu > Setup > Softwaremanagement > Backup system settings

When this option is used, a file called "enigma2settingsbackup.tar.gz" is created in the folder "Backup". It is a complete backup of all your settings. The folder with this name is always the latest youngest: if some other time a new backup is created it will again have this name, and the previous one will be renamed to "YYYY-MM-DD-enigma2settingsbackup.tar.gz".
If you flash a clean-image (i.e. not a complete system image with all your settings as explained above), and files like these are found on your system, during the setup you will be confronted with the question "old settings have been found: do you want to restore them?". If answered with "Yes", all settingsfiles in the folder "Backup" will be shown, allowing you to choose the one you want. You can also answer with "No", allowing you to make all new settings by hand.

PS 1: You can add additional files to your backup using
Menu > Setup > Softwaremanagement > Advanced options > Choose backup files

PS 2: You can choose the location of the backup-files using
Menu > Setup > Softwaremanagement > Advanced options > Choose backup location

2- Settings backup using the "Autobackup plugin
Menu > Plugins> Autobackup

This plugin allows a settings backup to be made, just once, or daily, without any user interaction. A backup of the current settings will be stored in the folder "backup" on the chosen location (harddisk or flash media). In addition to the regular settings, the plugin also backups your root password, remote mounts in /etc/fstab, network settings, and (most) softcam configuration files.
If you flash a clean OpenPLi image (i.e. not a complete system image with all your settings as explained above), and a backup created in this way is found on your system, all settings will automatically be restored, without any user-interaction.
If you do not want the automatic restore to happen on the next flash, choose "Disable" using the plugins blue-button to "void" a backup, prior to flashing the new image. If set to "disable", that backup will not be used during a consecutive flash-up. This is only temporary, once a new backup has been created, either manually or at a scheduled time, that backup will become active again.
Because the restore must run before the network is activated, it cannot restore from network drives, even if you mount them as harddisk replacement. A very small USB key, SD or CF card is sufficient though: the backup is typically around 50MB.

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