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====First time setup of the audio and video settings====
//[[E2Video E2 users please click here]]//

Upon the initial bootup after your install of the latest image one is greeted with this **Audio & Video Settings** screen.

{{image alt="Audio & Video Settings" title="Audio & Video Settings" url="/images/wiki/001144_video.png"}}

<<If you happen to be using a **NTSC TV**, most likely the screen will be rolling to the point that it is unreadable. Pressing the Channel Down button twice (to reach the TV System field), and the Volume Up button three times, should set the screen to the NTSC standard. <<

Once you set this up press the GREEN button to **Save** your changes, if you need to change anything else you can do it later under the Menu Button, Setup, System Settings, & Audio and Video.

**Tip:** You can at anytime go to this menu and change the details [[E1SystemAudio Click here to learn howto do this]]
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