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====How do I set up my Swap file and /var/location====
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You can setup your [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_memory swap file]] here. Simply follow you nose.

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_swap.png"}}

As the image above says you need to mount a remote directory onto your DM boxes /media/var directory. To do this, please look at this wiki page for a [[E1Mount complete how to mount a device to your DM box]] - in the example below we used a DM600 with a hard disk for the example.

When the remote directory has been mounted simply press the OK button on your remote control to select the mounted directory and then press the Green button.

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="000847_mount_var.png"}}

Once you have done this a warning will appear like the image below, either confirm you want to do this or exit without doing it.

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="000847_mount_var1.png"}}

**TIP:** mount your external disk drive first

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