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Howto start extra services when my DM box starts up

System Settings

E1 Enigma 1 or E1 menus. Click here for the E2 Menus

Depending on the model of set top box you have, this menu may or may not have other options you can start.


You can start your DM boxes firewall
You can start the cron daemon

Tip: with the aid of your Cron service, you can run so many other non-standard applications on your DM box.

For example restart your DM box at say 4am every morning.

Now that enigma only saves data (epg, settings, changes, etc) when it is shut down properly. You could install cron, make sure it's active (services to run), telnet to the box, and type crontab -e. Press Insert to go to edit mode, and type:
1 0 4 * * * reboot

Now press Escape, ZZ to save and quit. Now your box reboots every morning at 4 AM.

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