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How do I set up Parental Control on my DM Box?

Generic Enigma 1 or E1 menus. Click here for the E2 Parental Control setup

Why and what is this function?

Any other uses for this feature? Yes to stop your husband, wife, kids, friends etc from going to your menu options and mucking up the setting on your DM box i.e deleting bouquets, channels, recordings etc. But more on these options below.

Important thing to remember here:

1. When you first select this option the menu looks like this one displayed below.


2. However if Parental Lock has been enabled in the past it looks like this;


Howto set up Parental Lock on your DM box from scratch

1. Select Parental Lock from the setting menu.


2. Press the OK button over the first option on this screen being Parental lock, making it enabled. Now enter into the screen shown below a four (4) digit code i.e. 1234 and then do it again 1234 (see the reenter option below?)


3. Now confirm the code you just entered is OK by saving it and pressing the GREEN button.


4. Once you have saved this PIN code this menu will be shown to you, and also shown every time you enter this screen unless you disable Parental lock.


The options on this screen are as follows:
  1. Parental Lock: As shown above
  2. change Pin: As it suggests - change your PIN code anytime you want to
  3. Setup lock: Lock the setup menu and all the menus under it. A great feature to stop others from mucking up the settings on your DM box
  4. Pin timeout: How long the PIN entry screen stays on your TV screen (0 is the default - forever)
  5. Max Pin errors: as it reads - 3 is great if you have had a wine or two
  6. Pin block timeout: as it reads. If you make too many mistakes, how long before you can try again.
  7. Hide Locked services: Simply hides all the locked channels - great for the kids set top box

OK so we have entered a Pin code what does it do and what do we need to do now?

So go back to your TV screen and bring up the channel list in the normal manner. In this example we will be using the channel called F-MEN (as I do not want my five(5) year old daughter to see it).


1. Highlight the channel name and press the MENU button. Now as you have enabled the parental lock option above every time you press MENU you have to enter a PIN code (our example above was the code 1234) So enter your code


2 You will now note the services menu here if different from normal.


3 Now select the lock option to lock the channel we selected called F-MEN and press the OK button.


Now if look closely you will see a little padlock next to the channel named F-MEN, this means Parental Lock is active on this channel. To disable this feature, do the last 3 steps again only this time select Disable over the channel named F-MEN.

TIP: A great feature to lock all the menus on your DM

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