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How to I record on my DM500, I have no hard disk?

System Settings

E1 Enigma 1 or E1 menus.

One option is use this option called Ngrab, which you need to download and setup on your Windows PC. Once you have set it up you need to run this setup option so your DM box knows where your PC is, so it can record back to it.

1. Enter the IP address of your where you have installed the Ngrab application.
2. Leave port 4000 as it is as this is the default
3. Press the blue button to find the MAC address of your PC where you are running the Ngrab application (like this example below)


Now press the Green button to save the settings. You can run the recording options from Ngrab on your PC.

Tip: Where do I download Ngrab from? - google is your friend - search on Ngrab

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