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=====How To set up your basic network details=====
===={{color c="gray" text="System Settings"}}====
//[[E2Network E2 - DM7025/DM800 users click here]]//

To get to this screen with your remote control all you have to do is press the following buttons. Press the **MENU** button and the select **setup** and press **OK** now select **System Settings** and press **OK** now select **Networking** and press **OK** If you did all of this you should see this screen.

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Lets go through and explain these options

**Remember :** //google is your friend for full technical descriptions on these functions as they are generic to all Network devices, not just your DM box//

<<**Enable Network:** Simply turn networking ON or turn networking OFF. When you highlight or select this option, press the OK button, you will either enable networking or disable networking (if it is enabled there is a **X** in the Enable Network box). If you want to use the basic network services on your DM box then you should always ensure this option is enabled so you can use the network functions of you DM box.

Some of these networking features are;

- Access to the DM boxes [[Webif Web Interface]]
- [[E1Mount Mounting LAN]] based Hard Disks to your DM box
- Sharing
- Download of other PLi® applications, plugins, skins to your DM box
- Upgrading your PLi® image over the network
- Flashing you DM box with a new PLi® Image
- and so many more functions
<< **DHCP :** If you do not know your network details you can enable this option and it will try to automatically discover/find your network details. However a few words of caution when using this option. As soon as you find you network details disable this function and use the settings if they are indeed valid for your local area network (LAN). Why?
- somethings on Windows boxes the DHCP lease is only for a few hours and if you are using any network function there maybe a big delay when updating the new lease (remember google is your friend).
- If you are sharing this device i.e. [[E1Mount hdd]] or using the [[Webif Web Interface]] due to the nature of DHCP the IP address will change all the time<<
<< **IP:** this is the IP address of your DM box. The most common address are;
- 192.168.x.x
- 10.10.x.x
- remember google is your friend<<
<<**Netmask:** in 90% of all cases it will be the class "c" netmask of <<
<<**Type:** leave as it is - LAN<<
<<**Nameserver:** Either what your ISP provides, the same as the gateway below or use the Open DNS settings of <<
<<**Gateway:** Normally that of your ADSL modem router, and will be the same address that the other devices (pc) use on your local area network (LAN) <<

Once you have set this up simply press the **GREEN** button to save the details.

==How do I test if my set up is OK?==

Once you have saved this screen with the GREEN button you can test if it is connected to the LAN by ping'ing it from your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. On any Microsoft windows box try this; press the WINDOWS Button + R and type CMD and press enter. Now simply type ping the IP address you assigned to your DM box like this example below - //ping <enter>//

{{image alt="Ping my DM box" title="Ping my DM box" url="/images/wiki/000847_ping.jpg"}}

If you see a screen like the option above then it worked. Your DM box is alive and you can enjoy all the networking functions outlined above.

**Tip:** make sure the Domain Name Sever(DNS) and gateway are always the same number - regardless of what you think the DNS number should be. (Why well if your ISP changes the DNS address then your DM box is always locked to that address, however if you make your DNS the same address as the gateway it will always be updated every time your ADSL/ Dialup connects to your ISP) If you are having problems connecting to remote sites you can always use the Open DNS at instead of your local/ISP DNS

**Tip:** If you select DHCP while this will find your DM box on the LAN, it may cause an issue if you are **[[GenericStream streaming]]**, as it will change each time the DM box is rebooted.
**Question:** Does this work on Wifi? Yes perfectly if your LAN is correctly setup.
**Question:** Does this work on a small 10mb LAN? Yes perfectly if your LAN is correctly setup.
**Question:** Can the PLi® team help me setup my LAN as I do not have one? In short no, we can not, but you can ask in the [[http://www.pli-images.org/forum/index.php PLi® Forums]] or your IT support person to help you


==If your DM box is not alive then check the following things;==

- Did I assign the correct unique LAN address to my DM box?
- Did I assign the correct Netmask details?
- Did I assign the correct Nameserver details?
- Did I assign the correct gateway address?
- Is the LAN cable plugged into the DM box?
- Is the DM box LAN cable connected to a HUB or modem router?
- Are other devices on my LAN working?

**[[http://www.pli-images.org/goodies.php Support the PLi® team]] and get a cup of coffee.**
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