This is where you can map specific functions to your Yellow and Blue buttons

System Settings

E1 Enigma 1 or E1 menu only

One of new features of PLi® Jade, is the ability to remap the YELLOW and BLUE buttons on your remote control.
This allows you to define what you want on these buttons i.e. Plugins -> Movieplayer etc etc

Select the coloured button you wish to change and press the OK button.


This screen below will show you what is currently selected for the coloured button you selected above.
Now select what Menu feature you want to assign the button too.


Now select the function on this sub menu you want to assign to the coloured button.

The most common options are;


an example of a single key press to your softcam setup would be like this screen shows;


Tip: remember what functions you have changed these button too as you may want to change them in the future
Tip: This PLi® Wiki assumes the YELLOW button is assigned to the Plugins menu
Tip: This PLi® Wiki assumes the BLUE button is assigned to the Settings menu

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