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=====System Settings, where we setup our DM box=====
===={{color c="gray" text="Dreambox Settings"}}====
//E1 Enigma 1 or E1 menus. [[E2Setup Click here]] for the E2 Menus//
This is where we setup our DM box. There are so many different options on the screen which do so many things. Chances are there is something on this page that you will need at sometime either now or in the future. With your remote control press the **menu** button then select the **setup** option and press the OK button then select the **System Setting** option with your remote and then press the OK button and this screen below will appear on your TV screen.

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_main_setup_system.jpg"}}

We will go though each of these setup options below and explain step by step what they do. Grab a //coffee// and take a minute to read these

[[E1SystemAudio Audo and Video setup]]- Where to setup your TV screens, AC3 Audio, NTSC or PAL formats
[[E1SystemTime Time setup]]- Where we set up the time on your DM box (most important if you are recording)
[[E1SystemRecord Recording and Playing setup]]- Where we set up the file size of our recording, where we record to and much more
[[E1SystemEPG EPG setup]]- Where we set up the various types of EPG we can use
[[E1SystemParent Parental Lock setup]]- This where you can Lock channels to stop your children (or Mum and Dad) from viewing them
[[E1SystemTT Teletext setup]]- This is where we set up our teletext plugin, cache size etc
[[E1SystemWebif Web Interface setup]]- Here you can add userID's and passwords, change the web port etc
[[E1SystemBR Backup and Restore setup]]- Here you can backup your system or restore it at any time

<< [[E1SystemNetwork Network setup]] If your DM box is connected to your LAN you need to use this option <<

[[E1Mount Network Mount setup]]- This section also includes a HOWTO mount a device to my DM box
[[E1SystemService Services to run setup]]- Your DM box also has a firewall and other things, look here to find out more
[[E1SystemSwap Swap File and /VAR setup]]- If you have a DM500 use your mounted HDD for your /var directory, etc
[[E1SystemNgrab Ngrab Streaming setup ]]- Setup Ngrab on you DM500 to record back to your computer
[[E1SystemUp Software Upgrade]]- With this option you can do a realtime image upgrade - Upgrade to the latest PLi Image today
[[E1SystemReset Factory Reset]]- Like the name says, reset your DM box back to the original factory settings (not a good idea)
[[E1SystemDbug Debugging set up]]- Set up your serial port on your DM box to stream data back to say Hyperterminal

<< [[E1SystemKey User-defined buttons]] Re-Map the Yellow and Blue keys on your remote control <<

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