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What addons and plugins can I install?

PLi® Software Management services

This is where you can download more PLi® tools for your DM box and have them automatically install on your DM box via the internet. You can then access this by your Yellow button or what you have assigned the plugin menu to.

TIP: make sure your internet is enabled in your E1 box before you attempt to use this feature

More being added all the time, so check back from time to time:


* Apache (HDD)
* Base libraries (HDD)
* Bitrate viewer
* Bullz text
* Disk Space
* Dreambox Links Browser
* Dreambox Switch
* DreamNetCast
* DrTic
* EasyLogo
* Epgui
* GSub
* Internet Movie Database
* Jukebox
* Mosaic Demo
* Movie List Builder
* New TuxWeather [Dutch]
* New TuxWeather [Nordic]
* NFS Server (HDD)
* Ngrab Start-Stop
* PiP
* Perl (HDD)
* PHP Apache (HDD)
* Picviewer
* PiP Demo
* Reiserfs HDD Format
* RSS reader incl. feed
* Samba
* Satfind
* Sky EPG (for HDD and USB!)
* Ssmtp mailclient
* Sysinfo
* Tuxbox Commander
* VLC Frontend

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