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What are PLicons and how to I install them for my networks?

PLi® Software Management services


PLicons are are series of small images or icons that can be downloaded in realtime from our PLi® Software Management services and can be used to make your on screen display (OSD) look more professional bay adding the channels icon to your skin, like the example above.

However these Plicons are designed for skins like these two listed below, so you will have to download these skins and select them, click here to learn more

How to download and install these PLicons

Simply follow these two (2) easy steps;


1. Now select your part of the world and press the OK button.


2. Now select the network you want to use and press the OK button.
In this example we select the DSVTV all africa network on Intelsat 7/10 C Band


The file will start to download


and then install itself if you have enough free space to do so.


Tip: not all the worlds networks are listed at present, but this is due to other issues which will be resolved with time, so remember to update your download menu and see what we have updated.
Tip: DM500, 56xx users - remember these files take up space in your /var directory, so use with care.

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