What satellite and channel settings can I install?

PLi® Software Management services

This is where you can download more PLi® tools for your DM box and have them automatically install on your DM box via the internet. The settings below are mostly for the European market place.

TIP: make sure your internet is enabled in your E1 box before you attempt to use this feature

More being added all the time, so check back from time to time:

* Captain Picard rotating
* genoSUAVE DishPro list 91-110-119
* genoSUAVE Legacy list 91-110-119
* Henksat Settings
* Joske Astra
* Joske Astra-Hotbird
* Joske Astra-Hotbird-Astra 2A
* Joske Rotating
* PET123 Astra
* PET123 Astra-Hotbird
* PET123 Astra-Hotbird-Astra 2A
* PET123 Rotating

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