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====PLi® Software Management services====
=={{color c="Gray" text="PLi® provides you with real time down load and installation services"}}==

This is where you can download more PLi® tools for your DM box and have them automatically install on your DM box via the internet.

**TIP:** make sure your internet is enabled in your E1 box before you attempt to use this feature

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_software_dload.png"}}

- [[E1SoftwareDownloadsPlugins Addons and Plugins]] - Add new tools, applications and so much more to your E1 box
- [[E1SoftwareDownloadsCh Channel Settings]] - Download and have your satellites and channels setup for you
- [[E1SoftwareDownloadsExtra Extra Services]] - Add extra services to your E1 box
- [[E1SoftwareDownloadsGames Games]] - Add more games to your E1 box, and keep the family happy
- [[E1SoftwareDownloadsLang Languages]] - Add another language to your E1 box
- [[E1SoftwareDownloadsPlicons Plicons]] - Add all the nice icons to your EPG and OSD / skins
- [[E1SoftwareDownloadsPPanels PPanels]] - Add extra tools to your E1 box
- [[E1SoftwareDownloadsSkins Skins and Previews]] - Download and change the look and feel of your E1 box
- [[E1SoftwareDownloadsSoftCam Softcams and cardservers]] - Download and setup your card servers and new softcams

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