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====The Dreambox Settings Menu or Setup Menu====
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//E1 Enigma 1 or E1 menus. [[E2Setup Click here]] for the E2 Menus//
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Starting from the PLi® Jade release in the summer of 2008 the menus on this screen have been changed to provide a more intuitive and user friendly flow of things. We hope you like the changes. As we are about to talk about remote control functions, users of the DM500 series should first read this page to see what sort of [[DM500Remote remote control they have.]]

To get to this menu simply press the **menu** button, then select **Setup** and press the **OK** button your remote control unit

**Tip:** if you are lost in the menus anywhere press the **help** button for extra help or read the bottom of the screen for help

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==What are all these options for?==

1) [[E1Bouquets Bouquets:]] This is where you set up your user **bouquets** (grouping lists of channels together under a single name)
1) [[E1Sat Satellites and transponders:]] This is where you set up your **satellite dish**, setup the satellites you want to view, configure your LNB, autoscan for new channels and so much more
1) [[E1System System Settings:]] **Where you setup your DM box ** for things like your network, time, audio & video, recordings, EPG, disk mounts assign remote control keys and so much more
1) [[E1Hardware Hardware Settings:]] This where you set up your on board **hard disk**, set the remote controls and so much more
1) [[E1OSD User Interface Settings:]] This is where you set up your **look and feel** of your DM box. Install new Skins (the on screen display - OSD), change the menu layouts and so much more
1) [[E1Softcam Softcam Setup:]] Where you set up the **softcams** you want to use, see your subscription card details, set up your subscription card to watch TV
1) [[E1Software Software Management:]] This is where you can download **more PLi® tools** for your DM box and have them automatically install on your DM box via the internet, delete applications and so much more

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