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1st step of setting up the dish.

This is the satellite configuration screen. Here we can choose three possible settings. No disecq for one satellite, simple for up to 4 satellites and the complex configuration for a disecq motor or the complex configuration of a wavefrontier dish with up to 16 satellites.

In our case we choose a simple configuration like a Dish with up to four satellites. Normally the Hotbird sat is disecq A and Astra is diseqc B. In our example usually the Astra 2 satellite is at 3 and a fourth satellite is depending of your own choice. At the pictures below is shown how to do this.

Satellite configuration

Once you set this up press the GREEN button to Save your changes, if you need to change anything else you can do it later under the Menu Button, Setup, Satellites & Transponders, Satellite Configuration

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