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No [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DiSEqC disecq]] for **one** satellite, simple for up to 4 satellites and the complex configuration for a disecq motor or the complex configuration of a wave frontier dish with up to 16 satellites.

In our case we choose a simple configuration like a Dish with up to four satellites. Normally the Hotbird sat is disecq A and Astra is diseqc B. In our example usually the Astra 2 satellite is at 3 and a fourth satellite is depending of your own choice. At the pictures below is shown how to do this.

{{image alt=Satelliteconfiguration title=Satelliteonfiguration url=/images/wiki/000005_Satellite_config_21.png}}

{{image alt=Satellite configuration title=Choosing satellite url=/images/wiki/000005_Satellite_config_22.png}}

Once you set this up press the GREEN button to **Save** your changes, if you need to change anything else you can do it later under the Menu Button, Setup, Satellites & Transponders, Satellite Configuration


====A new diseqc set up for North American users (when using the Dish LNB) ====

If you are in north America and have a Dish network LNB installed in your satellite dish, then select this option to tune your dish Tv channels.

**Step 1**
{{image alt=sat title=sat url=/images/wiki/000847_start_d2.jpg}}

**Step 2**
{{image alt=sat title=sat url=/images/wiki/000847_start_d2_select.jpg}}

**Step 3**
{{image alt=sat title=sat url=/images/wiki/000847_start_d2_select_usa.jpg}}

By selecting this option your dish electronics setting (LNB) will be configured to work with the satellites located at

- **82**west
- **91**west
- **110**west
- **119**west

====How to tune a C or S band satellite on a fixed dish / multiswitch / multi-diseqc====

**Please NOTE:** as the on-board satellites.xml file is only defined as each satellite and not further split by each satellite band it is impossible to tune both the C and Ku bands on any one satellite.

**Step 1**
{{image alt=sat title=sat url=/images/wiki/000847_start_d2.jpg}}

**Step 2**
{{image alt=sat title=sat url=/images/wiki/000847_start_d2_select.jpg}}

**Step 3 - Changes required **
{{image alt=sat title=sat url=/images/wiki/000847_start_d3_config.jpg}}

In step three you will notice this screen has been changed from the original on your DM box.

1) Select the drop down menu at the top of the screen and change it non-standard user defined configuration.
1) Select the satellite you require by highlighting the satellite name and selecting from the drop down menu
1) Select the LNB and press OK. Now define the settings for each LNB you have. Simply enter in the required details like the examples below.
1) Select any of the 22hz diseqc / multiswitch details you require by configuring the 22HZ and Voltage selections


====Standard LNB settings (although can vary from country to country)====

Standard **Universal LNB** setup (PLiĀ® default setting) for all countries **but** North America

{{image class alt=sat set up title=sat set up url=/images/wiki/000847_lnbuni.jpg}}

**USA standard Circular Universal LNB**

{{image class alt=sat set up title=sat set up url=/images/wiki/000847_lnb_usa.jpg}}

**Ku Single LNB** (there is NO such thing as a standard Ku single LNB as this is different in many countries i.e. 10700 in Australia)

{{image class alt=sat set up title=sat set up url=/images/wiki/000847_lnbsin.jpg}}

Standard **C Band LNB** setup

{{image class alt=sat set up title=sat set up url=/images/wiki/000847_lnb.jpg}}

Standard **S Band LNB** setting

{{image class alt=sat set up title=sat set up url=/images/wiki/000847_lnbsband.jpg}}


**Tip:** You can at anytime go back to these screens and make any changes you require [[E1Multi Click here to learn howto make these changes]]
**Tip:** how to add my own custom satellites.xml to my DM box, simply //[[E1SatEdit use the transponder edit function]]//

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