How to set up my moving dishes

Service Searching

E1 Enigma 1 or E1 menus. Click here for the E2 Menus

- to be completed -

1. When we see this menu
2. Turn this menu on
3. Defining LNB / Bands to move to
5. Testing & setup

First time use

sat set up

Select the LNB you want to setup (C band / Ku band)

sat set up

Now lets define the position of everything you have setup on your move dish

sat set up

Setup and tune in a satellite

sat set up

The menu options are as follows;
Satellite: Select a satellite that you defined in the Satellite configuration section and move to it and store its position

Transponder: Select a Transponder that you know has a signal on it

Direction: Use your left arrow and right arrow keys on your remote control to move the dish. When you do this the dish will move either to the East or the West and when the systems sees signal the transponder you have selected, the SNR & AGC will lock like the example above

Store: Store the current position of your dish.

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