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====This is where you can use the new applications you have downloaded.====
===={{color c="gray" text="the yellow button PLi® Plugins"}}====
//E1 Enigma 1 or E1 menus. [[E2Menu Click here]] for the E2 Menus//

Simply use the //Up// and //Down// arrow keys on your remote control to select the application you wish to use, then press the //OK// button to run it.

===={{color c="gray" text="PLi® Plugins for the DM500, DM56xx, DM7000"}}====
{{image alt="Plugins" title="Plugins" url="/images/wiki/000847_mplayer.png"}}

**Tip:** The old Ppanel menu (in all software prior to Jade) hass now been moved to here


===={{color c="gray" text="PLi® Plugins for the DM500+, DM600, DM7020"}}====
{{image alt="Plugins" title="Plugins" url="/images/wiki/000847_plugin_menu.png"}}

{{image alt="Plugins" title="Plugins" url="/images/wiki/000847_plugin_menu1.png"}}

**Note:** [[E1Software Howto download new plugins? Click here to learn more.]]
**Note:** to find out specific information about each plugin please see the web site links in each application
**Tip:** If you assigned the //YELLOW// button to another [[E1SystemKey function]], you will need to [[E1SystemKey find where you assigned the plugins menu too.]]
**Tip:** the blindscan menu may not work in the manner you think it will (A howto is on the way)
**Tip:** the modem internet is for dialup internet at a maximun speed of 2400buad only (2.4k)
**Tip:** The old Ppanel menu (in all software prior to Jade) hass now been moved to here

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