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In computing terms, skins may be associated with themes or as custom graphical appearances (OSD) that can be applied in order to suit the different tastes of different users. Throughout our PLi® Wiki you have seen the 'Media Pli (8bit)' skin (as shown below) which is one of the skins included with each of our PLi® image releases.

However as we can change these skins, we have for the purpose of this wiki, used the Media PLi (8 bit) skin, not the default skin for all PLi® images these days which is the 'Dark Media Pli (8bit)' skin


To change the skin simply select a skin from the list above by using the up or down arrow keys on your remote control, then press the OK button to select it. Your DM box will then restart and your new skin will be shown instead of the default skin. To change back or to try another skin simply repeat this process.

Where do I get other skins for my DM box?

At anytime you can down load in realtime new skins via our PLi® Software management download options from our servers on the Internet and add to this list above and try them out. Click here to learn more

An example of other skins we have online are;




Click here to learn more

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