This is where we setup the look and feel of your DM box

Dreambox Settings

E1 Enigma 1 or E1 menus. Click here for the E2 Menus

As far as setting up your DM box goes, this is one of the menus that will effect the entire look and feel of your viewing experience.


Here we can setup our,
  1. OSD Options - All the on screen options that control our DM box (big menu)
  2. OSD Position - How to position our on screen display for things like Teletext and the red button EPG (change the defaults)
  3. OSD Transparency - How transparent do you want your menu screens
  4. OSD Skin - All DM boxes are 'skinable' like WinAmp and other applications
  5. OSD Language - What language do you want your menus in?
  6. MultiEPG - Setup your red button EPG look and feel
  7. Preferred audio Languages - What are your prefered audio channel language?

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