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=====Howto setup a dish and LNB on your DM box=====
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//[[E2Sat E2 - DM7025/DM800 users click here]]//

For non-standard setups. The PLi setup allows you to define just about any satellite solution.

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**1.** Press the **Menu** button on your remote control

{{image class alt="sat set up" title="sat set up" url="/images/wiki/000847_mainmenu.jpg"}}

**2.** Highlight **Setup** and press the //OK// button and then select **Satellites and Transponders** and press the //OK// button

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_main_setup.jpg"}}

**3.** Now select **Satellite Configuration** and press the **OK** button

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Right now we have just arrived at the main satellite setup page, where you can set up just about any satellite configuration you can think of (also works with marine and mobile gyrosync-dishes very well - tried and tested). When I say anything is possible, I really mean it. I use on one system here a 12 way multiswitch, with 12 different satellites and LNB combinations on it. On another system here I have a 3.2m moving C and Ku band dish tuned to 32 different satellites. On yet another system I use a simple Motek Ku band moving dish over 12 Ku Band and 1 S band satellites. So as you can see it is not that your DM system will not do something, it is just a matter of time and effort to get it working the way it should.


====The basic setup of your system will vary depending on;====

1) How many dishes you have
1) What satellite band you are using (different setting for different parts of the world)
1) How the dishes and LNB's are set up with or without diseqc switches
1) If your dish is a move dish it will differ from a fixed dish setup
1) If you are using a multiswitch or not using one
1) If you are using a 22hz switch to select various diseqc's

{{image class alt="sat set up" title="sat set up" url="/images/wiki/000847_typesat.png"}}

This page will allow you to
**[1]** Set up your dish (fixed or move)
**[2]** LNB type
**[3]** diseqc type
**[4]** add new satellites to the list
**[5]** delete satellites from the list
**[6]** set up a multiswitch device

**TIP:** To add a new satellite to this list you will need to edit your satellites.xml file. To do this [[E1SatEdit click on this link]] to see how you can do it with your remote control.


====Standard LNB settings (although can vary from country to country)====

Standard **Universal LNB** setup (PLiĀ® default setting) for all countries **but** North America

{{image class alt="sat set up" title="sat set up" url="/images/wiki/000847_lnbuni.jpg"}}

**USA standard Circular Universal LNB**

{{image class alt="sat set up" title="sat set up" url="/images/wiki/000847_lnb_usa.jpg"}}

**Ku Single LNB** (there is NO such thing as a standard Ku single LNB as this is different in many countries i.e. 10700 in Australia)

{{image class alt="sat set up" title="sat set up" url="/images/wiki/000847_lnbsin.jpg"}}

Standard **C Band LNB** setup

{{image class alt="sat set up" title="sat set up" url="/images/wiki/000847_lnb.jpg"}}

Standard **S Band LNB** setting

{{image class alt="sat set up" title="sat set up" url="/images/wiki/000847_lnbsband.jpg"}}

Here are hints and tips to try and make your life easier.

- **Tip:** European Users can always use the [[henksatsettings The Henksat Settings files]] - Automatic Satellite/Transponder setup and settings
- **Tip:** For a move dish i.e a Motek or Superjack dish mover to be enable you need to select the diseqc 1.2 in the LNB settings > blue button option above
- **Tip:** If a satellite you know works on another type of set top box and does NOT on your DM box, then it is a settings issue 99% of the time, so check the LNB LO details are the same as shown in some of the examples above, check the diseqc settings are correct
- **Tip:** A multiswitch set up can take time to setup, so take the time with your setting and use it in conjunction with the [[E1Satfind Satfind]] option .... make sure these are set correctly Diseqc, 22hz, 13v or 18v etc

**DM7020 Jade users** - If you have a move dish (diseqc 1.2 enabled) you have to do this manually for the first time setup in Jade or if you are in Europe you can use the [[henksatsettings The Henksat Settings files]]

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