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Howto mount a LAN based hard disk to my DM box

This can be done in two ways
  1. Via the DM box itself with your remote control under Menu>Setup>System Settings >Network Mounts
  2. Via the web interface (webif) which we will show below (easy way of doing it)

A example of the end result using the remote control and the PLiĀ® menus in the latest image

A example of the end result using the web interface in the latest PLiĀ® image

You know how to share a directory on your hard disk on your computer (the F1 key on most operating systems will provide HELP on how to do that) to the local area network

Howto add a shared directory to your DM box using the web interface (webif)

1. Open your web browser to the IP address of your DM box. In this example we us the IP address of


2. Now click on the drop down menu called Box control, then Click on the option called "configuration"


3. Click on the option called "Mount Manager". You will note this menu is empty the first time you use it as shown below.


4. Now Click on the Green button to 'add' a new mount to you DM box.


Now this is where we get busy.

Description: The name you want to call the share you are setting up
Filesystem Type: in most cases it will always be '1' CIFS
Automount: Check this option if you always want this share to start when your DM box starts
Client Directory: this is where you put the mount on your DM box. Look in the /media directory on your DM box for examples
Server Directory: this is the name of the shared directory on your other DM box or computer
Remote Host IP/Name: Try to always use a fixed IP address here, and this is the IP address of your shared directory
User Name: if you have one on your shared directory
Password: if you have one on your shared directory
Options: This is to make the shared connection work smoothly on LAN. The defa 503 Service Unavailable

Service Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.