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====Howto configure my hard disk====
===={{color c="gray" text="Hardware Settings"}}====
//E1 Enigma 1 or E1 menus. [[E2Setup Click here]] for the E2 Menus//

Once you have installed a hard disk on your DM box, this section will automatically discover if and offer options to configure it. If you have installed a hard disk and you do not see it on any of the screens below, it means you have installed it incorrectly.

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_hardhdd.png"}}

**1.** General settings: Make my hard disk run quite
**2.** Specific settings: Format and check the hard disk you have installed

==First time setup of your hard disk.==

Select the second (2nd) option above. If your hard disk is installed OK you will see a message like this one below.
- This screens above shows I have western digital 320gb hard disk installed.
- Now select the hard disk and press the **OK** button on your remote control

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_hardhdd_format.png"}}

Now we can deal with this hard disk.

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_hardhdd_format1.png"}}

//The menu options displayed mean://

**Model:** the model of the hard you installed
**Capacity:** the size of you hard disk in MB or GB
**Connected:** as a master or slave unit
**Status:** The amount of record time on this hard disk.

As you can see from the picture above this is a //pre-installed// hard disk ( see the status line above and compare it with the capacity line)



**1. Format the hard disk:** Make like new and ready to be used with our PLi® image
**2. Check the hard disk:** If you have a fault with your hard disk this will report any errors to you and will try and fix any errors found.


==1. Formating your hard disk.==

As I mentioned above this hard disk has data on it (see line 2 above) so in all our PLi® images we warn you about that fact

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_hardhdd_format2.png"}}

Not once but twice, so there can be no mistake in your mind, with what you are about to do.

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_hardhdd_format3.png"}}

If you select **//YES//** then the disk will start to format your hard disk and when it has successfully finished you will see this screen.

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_hardhdd_format4.png"}}

Do you now notice the difference from this screen below to the one above? That is correct the disk size has changes as we have wiped all the old data on this hard disk and make it like near new.

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_hardhdd_format5.png"}}

==Checking your hard disk==

Press the **yellow** button to check your hard disk

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_hardhdd_check.png"}}

And the **OK** or **Green** button to finish

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