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====The File option====
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The **file** option has multiple functions depending on what sort of set top box you use, and whether or not you have a hard disk installed or **[[E1Mount mounted]]** to your DM box. What happens when you select this option will also depend on how you setup your **[[E1SystemRecord Recording options]]**, if autoplay is enabled, you will be watching you last movie you selected. If not you will see a list of movies ready to be played.

//The **file** option is also know as the media center option. Where you can set your set top box up to be a media center.//

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==Via this option is it possible for you to;==

1) Watch **Movies** (in mp2 format) - from the **movie**/ directory above
1) Listen to **Music** (in mp3 format) - from the **music**/ directory above
1) View **Photos** (in jpg format) - from the **pictures**/ directory above
1) A combination of 3 & 2 above


==Now a few words for you to consider:==
If you want to set your DM box to be a remote media center where it plays movies, mp3's, pictures and you do not have a hard disk installed on your DM box then you need to think about the following.

1. Where am I going to share my media files from, my PC, my notebook?
2. How am I going to **[[E1Mount mount]]** my shared files to my DM box? Am I going to mount my DVD?
3. What content am I going to need to use?

**Tip:** if you have a hdd in your 600, 7000, 7020, 7025, 800 then it is possible from these boxes to share to say anyother DM box you have on your local area network while you are watching TV on it, and on the other boxes;

- Playback a recorded movie on another DM box at the same time
- Play a radio channel on your PC via the **[[GenericStream streaming]]** option at the same time
- Play back a mp3 file on another DM box at the same time

As you can see there are so many options for this one function making this a very powerful set top box.

**[[E1MoviePlayer Click here to learn more about the PLiĀ® Movieplayer (which will save you doing some of the items below)]]**

==Watch movies==
File format: mpeg2 (mp2 or .ts format)

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**Tip:** as most videos are in the other formats than mp2 you may need to use google to find a video converter to transcode from the format you have to the format the DM box can use.

==Listen to music==
File format: mpeg3 (mp3)

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**Tip:** you will need to manually add the .mp3 files to this directory

==View photos==
File format: jpeg (jpg)

**Tip:** you will need to manually add the jpg files to this directory. //Note:// the DM500, DM56xx and DM7000 set top boxes do not play back these images in high resolution like the other DM set top boxes do, so some conversion maybe required by you.

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