How do I use the Electronic Programme Guide on my DM box?

On your remote control you will see four coloured buttons, being the
Red, Green, Yellow and Blue buttons

To activate the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) menu list, while viewing a channel simply press the RED button to see the EPG menus below.

Depending on what model of DM set top box you have this page will be displayed in a different way. Some DM boxes also have the TV or Radio screen in the top left hand corner playing out the content on the channel you have highlighted below.


Ok that is how I use it, but how do I set it up?

To change the default EPG Style, while viewing a channel press the RED button twice.
Other EPG on screen display (OSD) settings are here.
Other EPG system settings are here.
Australian users, read this to set up the Oztivo Script for the EPG SQLite plugin.

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