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=====What is and how do I setup User Bouquets?=====
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//E1 Enigma 1 or E1 menus. [[E2Setup Click here]] for the E2 Menus//
Once you have setup your DM box and tuned all the channels, you are left with a list of satellites filled with channels.

All the TV channels, all the Radio channels and all the data channels. On a typical //all satellite scan// here that can mean over 2,400 channels or TV,Radio and data. Some of these channels you may not want to watch and there are others you want to see all the time.

So with //User Bouquets//, we set up our most favourite channels under a name we define. Below in this TV example we have set up a series of networks as bouquets, so we know when we select say //TVNZ// we will see the TV from New Zealand or TVNZ on one satellites. When we select //Free Thai TV// we will see only the free Thai TV a from across four(4) different satellites.

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====How to use the bouquets function====
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To select the Bouquets menu, simply press your **Menu** button then select the **setup** option and press //OK// and then select the first option or **Bouquets** option and press //OK// on your remote control. When you have done this the menu below will appear on your TV screen.

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_bouquets.jpg"}}

Now all you have to do is workout what you want to do.

**Create new bouquet:** Set up a new TV, Radio or file bouquet on your DM box
**Add services to your bouquet:** Add new TV channels to an existing bouquet (ideal if your network provider just changed everything)
**Edit Bouquets:** Delete, edit, rename the bouquets you have already set up (just follow your nose and the help options)

So lets get started and add a new **TV** bouquet called //DSTV// from the satellite we have already tuned called //Intelsat 7/10//

Select the **Create new bouquet** option with your remote control and press the //OK// button. Now select the **TV** option with your remote control and press the //OK// button.

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_bouquets_type.jpg"}}

You will now be presented with this screen. (do not use your web interface for this option) Now complete the name of the bouquet. In this example we are doing to use the example of **dstv**. As you can see the input to this screen is the same as doing a SMS message on your mobile phone, only in this case you use your number keys on your remote control.

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_bouquets_add.jpg"}}

Once you press the OK button to complete the task you will be brought back to the main Bouquets menu.

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_bouquets.jpg"}}

Here we have to select the **Add services to your bouquet** option and press the //OK// button on your remote control. Now select the **type** of bouquet you want to add channels to (in this case **TV**) and press the **OK** button on your remote control.

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_bouquets_type.jpg"}}

Now select our example bouquet called **DSTV** and press the //OK// button on your remote control

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_bouquets_add_ch.jpg"}}

Now use the arrow keys on your remote control to select the satellite you want. You will note there are three (3) options for each satellite.

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_bouquets_add_ch1.jpg"}}

New Found Services (new channels you just found after a scan or automatically added by our PLi® software), Provider (If you network provider has set up the satellite correctly, you will find all the networks channels under the network providers name) and Services (all TV on this satellite you have tuned in). In this example we will select the **Service** option and then press the //OK// button on our remote control.

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_bouquets_add_ch2.jpg"}}

Now you will be shown the entire list of TV channels on the satellite we just selected. To add any channel to the satellite simply use your **arrow keys** to highlight the channel name and then press the **OK** button. You will see the channel name turn from white to red. If the channel name is in **red** it indicates the channel has been added to bouquet. Continue to add all the channels you want in your bouquet, and then when you have done this press the **exit** button all the way back to your TV screen.


====Howto use Bouquets / Howto check all the channels are loaded in the bouquet====
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One the DM500 - press the OK button twice and then the Blue button
One all other boxes: press the bouquets button

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_bouquets_done.jpg"}}

Now select the bouquet - in this example we will use the **DSTV** bouquet. Simply select it and press the //OK// button on your remote control.

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_bouquets_ch_list.jpg"}}

Now you will note the list above is in an order how I like it. //BUT// this is not what is shown to you the first time you enter this screen. You now need to move the channels around so they are in the order you want them.

Press the **Menu** button when you are on the list like is shown above, and then this menu will be shown to you.

{{image alt="PLi" title="PLi" url="/images/wiki/000847_bouquets_ch_list_move.jpg"}}

On this screen we can do a number of things as outlined below;

**create new bouquet:** as we just did above
**add to specific bouquet:** add channels to a bouquet
**add marker:** mark a pile of channels, great for multiple deleting if you ever need to do this
**rename:** change the channel name to another name
**delete:** delete the selected channel from this bouquet
**set as startup service:** A great PLi® function. This allows you to set one channel up to be the channel that is always on when the DM box is powered off and on or rebooted.
**reset startup service:** as the name suggests
**enable move mode:** Move the channels around the bouquet so they are in the order you want them to appear on the channel list
**enable edit mode:** as the name suggest

**Note to you** You will also see another option after a new Auto Scan or channel search and this menu will have an option at the top of the menu list above to - **Remove All New Found Flag** - a great option as it removed the **!** in front of the all the newly found channels.

Now highlight the **enable move mode** with your arrow keys and then press the OK button and then start moving the channels in the list into an order as you want them.

**TIP:** If you have [[E1SystemParent Parental Lock]] enabled this screen will look slightly different
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