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====First time setup - Scanning for channels====
//[[E2Sat E2 - DM7025/DM800 users click here]]//

The next screen and most important screen we are presented with. The different choices are illustrated below. After we made the right choice in the satellite setup screen we might want to scan one or more satellites.

**1. Scanning of one satellite when only one is available.**

After pushing "OK" button you have to wait for a lock on the satellite. Then press "green" for the actual scanning process.

{{image alt="Scanning one satellite" title="Scanning one if only one available" url="/images/wiki/000005_Scanning one of one.png"}}

**2. Scanning of one satellite when more satellites more available.**

With the Up - Down keys you switch from one satellite to another. Then press "enter" if you reached the right satellite. After waiting for a lock press "green" for the actual scanning process.

{{image alt="Scanning one if more satellites available" title="Scanning one if more available" url="/images/wiki/000005_scanning one of more.png"}}

**3. Scanning of more satellites at once when more satellites are available.**

With the "OK" button to can choose several options.

These options are:

1) Scan all
2) Scan only free
3) Scan nothing

After have made the right choice press "green" for the actual scanning process to start.

{{image alt="Scanning multisat" title="Scanning multisat" url="/images/wiki/000005_scanning multi auto.png"}}

**Tip:** You can at anytime go to this [[E1Sat setup menu]] and **change** any of these settings.

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