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====The Enigma 1 or E1 generic pages====
The DM E1 boxes are the DM500, DM500+, DM56xx, DM600, DM7000 and the DM7020
//All the rest of the boxes released after 2007 i.e DM7025, DM800, DM8xxx are Enigma 2 or E2 boxes//
**Generic first time setup details for all set top boxes with our PLi® software installed on them**
//with links to the anytime setup of these functions//

1) [[E1Video Define your VideoSettings]]
1) [[E1Time Define your TimeZone]]
1) [[E1Satconfig The satellite configuration of your dish]]
1) [[E1Autoscan Scanning for channels]]
1) [[E1Multi Multi diseqc / satellite set up for all DM boxes]]
1) [[E1SystemNetwork Setup your Network (LAN) Settings]]

**Now I have installed the latest PLi® software, how to I use it?** //(there are changes from previous versions)//
//We have enhanced your user experience and we hope you enjoy the new features//

1) **[[E1Menu Navigating the Menu's]]** ** a must read **
1) [[E1RemoteAll How to use the Remote Control]]
1) [[E1RemoteAll Switching channels and adjusting the volume (most common everyday use)]]
1) [[E1EPG Using the Electronic Program Guide or EPG]]
1) [[E1Menu Switching between modes of operation - TV mode, Radio mode and File mode]]
1) [[E1RemoteAll How to use the channel lists?]]
1) [[E1Bouquets How do I add/edit/use a personal channel (bouquets) list?]]

**Generic Howto's based on the latest PLi® software**
//With the howto's we hope you can get the most out of your DM box//

//World wide web interface//
- [[Webif Howto use the World Wide Web interface (webif) built into my DM box]]

//Multimedia applications//
- [[E1MoviePlayer The new PLi® Movieplayer]]
- [[GenericStream Howto stream my DM box to my PC / MAC or Liniux Box]]
- [[GenericStream1 Howto stream movies on my PC to my DM box]]
- [[GenericIPTV Howto watch IPTV streams on my DM box - TVants]]
- [[GenericRestream Howto re-stream my DM box over the Internet]]

//Windows media center//
- [[GenericVista Howto see my recording in Windows Media Center - Vista version]]
- [[GenericVista1 Howto burn my recordings to CD or DVD in Windows Media Center - Vista version]]

//Applications and added tools//
- [[E1Plugins The PLi® Plugins Menu]]
- [[E1Mount Howto mount a HDD (hard disk) via my LAN to any DM box]] //- 3 real examples//
- [[E1File Howto make my DM box into a media center for the home entertainment center?]]

**Frequently asked questions [updated from our PLi® forum]**
//Please see each box / model for specific details//

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