The Enigma 1 or E1 generic pages

The DM E1 boxes are the DM500, DM500+, DM56xx, DM600, DM7000 and the DM7020
All the rest of the boxes released after 2007 i.e DM7025, DM800, DM8xxx are Enigma 2 or E2 boxes

Generic first time setup details for all set top boxes with our PLi® software installed on them
with links to the anytime setup of these functions
  1. Define your VideoSettings
  2. Define your TimeZone
  3. The satellite configuration of your dish
  4. Scanning for channels
  5. Multi diseqc / satellite set up for all DM boxes
  6. Setup your Network (LAN) Settings

Now I have installed the latest PLi® software, how to I use it? (there are changes from previous versions)
We have enhanced your user experience and we hope you enjoy the new features
  1. Navigating the Menu's a must read
  2. How to use the Remote Control
  3. Switching channels and adjusting the volume (most common everyday use)
  4. Using the Electronic Program Guide or EPG
  5. Switching between modes of operation - TV mode, Radio mode and File mode
  6. How to use the channel lists?
  7. How do I add/edit/use a personal channel (bouquets) list?

Generic Howto's based on the latest PLi® software
With the howto's we hope you can get the most out of your DM box
World wide web interface
Multimedia applications
Windows media center
Applications and added tools

Frequently asked questions [updated from our PLi® forum]
Please see each box / model for specific details

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