A PC Tool for Channel & Bouquet Management - For all E1 & E2 boxes

DreamBoxEdit my preferred tool of choice

This by far is one of the best tools for editing the channel lists and bouquet lists for
all models of DM boxes. If you have not tried it, I recommend you do it.

You can download this PC based application here from a forum upload (windows 32bit version DBedit, source=IHAD).

This software runs fine on a Linux, BSD, Solaris and Mac OS X computer if you use WINE (Windows emulator, prefer newest beta version). If you don't have wine, go to your software package manager, search for wine, and install the latest version of wine. After that start Wine. (Check your Application launcher.)
Linux KDE install example: Applications > Wine > Uninstall Wine Software > Applications Install > and select the DBedit application installer .exe file.(you can remove the .exe installer file after installed in wine)
Once installed in wine, run DBedit: Applications > Wine > Programs > DreamBoxEdit > DreamBoxEdit.


One you have it set up, you can make changes to all your boxes. I have done this for all the
boxes here on the home network so the DM500, DM600, DM7020 and the DM800 boxes all have the
same channel lists and the same bouquet lists. This way you can use any box the same way when
watching TV or listening to the radio.


And here is FTV HD as shown above for the DM800


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