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====The DM8000 an Enigma 2 or E2 box====
==={{color c="gray" text="also known as an E2 Multi tuner HighDefinition box"}}===
{{image class alt="DM8000" title="DM8000" url="000847_dm8000.jpg"}}
{{image class alt="DM8000" title="DM8000" url="000847_dm8000a.jpg"}}

//Do you run a web site which has a PLi® forum or support section? If so, please send jonc a PM with your link and we will add it to the new PLi® Wiki we are developing//

**Specific installation details for my set top box with the latest PLi® software**

1) [[DM800install Install the latest PLi® software image on my DM8000]]
1) [[E2Video Define your VideoSettings]]
1) [[E2Time Define your TimeZone]]
1) [[E2Sat The satellite configuration of your dish]]
1) [[E2AutoScan Scanning for channels]]
1) [[E2Network Setup your Network (LAN) Settings]]
1) [[E2Setup What options can I change on my DM8000?]]

**Now I have installed the latest PLi® software, how to I use it? //(there are changes from previous versions)//**

1) **[[E2Menu Navigating the Menu's]] a must read**
1) [[E1RemoteAll How to use the Remote Control]]
1) [[E1RemoteAll Switching channels and adjusting the volume (most common everyday use)]]
1) //Switching between modes of operation - TV mode, Radio mode and File mode//
1) [[E1RemoteAll How to use the channel lists?]]
1) [[E2Bouquets How do I add/edit/use a personal channel (bouquets) list?]]
1) [[henksatsettings The Henksat Settings files]] - Automatic Satellite/Transponder setup and settings

**Howto's based on the latest PLi® images**

1) [[E2ShellCommands All the Telnet Commands for your DM8000]]
1) [[e2Webif Howto use the WebInterface (webif) on my DM8000]]
1) [[e2Stream Howto stream my DM8000 to my PC / MAC or Linux Box]]
1) [[GenericIPTV Multicasting my E2 box to many PC / IPTV set top boxes on my LAN]]
1) [[e2MoviePlayer Howto setup and use my personal video player / movie player]]
1) [[E1SoftwareDownloadsPlicons How to a Picons to my skins (OSD)]]
1) [[GenericVista How to see my recording in Windows Media Center - Vista version]]
1) [[GenericVista1 Howto burn my recordings to CD or DVD in Windows Media Center - Vista]]
1) [[GenericVistaDVBSBridge Howto use any DM box in your Windows Media Center - Vista version]] // *New* //
1) [[henksatsettings The Henksat Settings files]] - Automatic Satellite/Transponder setup and settings

**Frequently asked questions about the DM800 [updated from our PLi® forum]**

1) [[ Download this Media Player HELP file in .pdf format]]
1) [[ Download this DVD Player HELP file in PDF format]]
1) Please feel free to add more FAQ's or ask [[Wanwizard Wanwizard]] or [[jonc jonc]] to help you add them.
==we do not support clones with patched bootloaders in our software==
////if you have purchased a clone and use PLi software with it, then it most likely has a patched bootloader in it and was download off the internet and not from our site here at Please be aware we do not condone such actions and will find it in most cases impossible to support you as the software you are using has been hacked by your clone dealer. If you have any issues please talk to your clone dealer. You can check your DM8000 with the [[ DMM Authenticity test here]] if you wish to or ask your dealer to do it for you.////
**[[ Support the PLi® team]] and get a cup of coffee.**
=====The new [[openpli OpenPli ..]] repository for the DM8000 has been released=====
Contains all the open source code where you can make your own software for the cable (C), satellite (S) and terrestrial (T) versions
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