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=====Howto install the latest PLiĀ® software on my DM7020=====

**You will first of all need the following tools;**

**a.** A windows PC, a Linux PC
**b.** A crossover or null modem cable (where pins 2 & 3 in the cable are crossed over on one end)
**c.** DreamUP from Dream Multimedia - click here to download the Windows version - [[ Download the Windows dreamUP tool]]
**d.** Our latest image - click here to down load it - [[ Download our latest image]] You might like to put the image you have just downloaded into the same directory as you put dreamUP to make things easier on yourself.

[[ Download the Jade final release for DM7020]]


**This Howto below will follow the Dream Multi Media set up**

[[ Install a software image on a DM7020]]

You will note there are three(3) ways to flash your DM7020;
1) Flashing new software by **Browser**
1) Flashing new software by **Compact Flash**
1) Flashing new software by **Dream Up**

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