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Howto install the latest PLi® image on my DM7020

You will first of all need the following tools;
a. A windows PC, a Linux PC
b. A crossover or null modem cable (where pins 2 & 3 in the cable are crossed over on one end)
c. DreamUP from Dream Multimedia - click here to download the Windows version - Download the Windows dreamUP tool
d. Our latest image - click here to down load it - Download our latest image You might like to put the image you have just downloaded into the same directory as you put dreamUP to make things easier on yourself.

This Howto below will follow the Dream Multi Media set up

Install an image on a DM7020

You will note there are three(3) ways to flash your DM7020;
  1. Fashing a new firmware by Browser
  2. Flashing a new firmware by Compact Flash
  3. Flashing a new firmware by Dream Up

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