The DM7020 an Enigma 1 or E1 box

Known LAN issues with older DM7020 boxes


From our Forum where you can read all about it

"One of the first, in that case you're definitely suffering from the transceiver buffer problem.
Two capacitors (smd) have to be replaced by larger ones, and your network speed will be back to normal (~4MB/s)

I think every 7020 owner in europe has made the fix (or had somebody else do it, not everybody can solder smd...) by now.
I don't know whether there are any english boards which describe what needs to be done, I could point you to some dutch ones, but that won't help you very much I guess.

This is a picture of my 'old' 7020, with small 2.2uF capacitors (C5906, C5907)
The later boxes have larger capacitors, size shown in the second picture, these are 4.7. (DON'T replace this one, it's just an example what the larger capacitor should look like)
What I did, was solder another 2.2 on top of each of the original 2.2's. "

It is a suggestion ONLY

And Here:

It is a suggestion ONLY

Another image and another option from IMS

It is a suggestion ONLY

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