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====How to backup a DM7020 to a USB stick====
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Well here we go:

1. Start with a fresh image with all the settings, bouquets etc on your USB
2. Restart 7020 with the original firmware in the flashmemory. **You can't make a backup of the USB when running the box from the USB-image**
3. Start FlashWizard Pro 6.3 on your PC.
4. Fix the connecting parameters

{{image alt="000002_flashwizard_settings_01.jpg" title=" Flashwizard connection parameters " url="000002_flashwizard_settings_01.jpg"}}

5. Now go to the "install or remove a firmware in multiboot".

{{image alt="000002_flashwizard_settings_02.jpg" title=" install firmware in multiboor " url="000002_flashwizard_settings_02.jpg"}}

6. Untick "Smart settings..." otherwise you will take the settings etc from the flashmemory and not from the USB.
7. Now click on the image on the USB (it will get bluemarked).
8. Click the "Image Backup". Follow the instructions.
9. That's it!

Now you have a fresh image on your PC. You can play with your box as much as you like.
It will only take five minutes to restore.

Be sure to start the box with the original firmware in the flashmemory (that's the trick)

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