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The DM7020 an Enigma 1 or E1 box

also known as an Open Embedded box


new Jade3 software for all E1 boxes has been released

The software contains the software for cable (C), satellite (s) and terrestrial (T) versions of the DM7020

Specific installation details for my set top box with the latest PLi® software
  1. Install the latest PLi® software image on my DM7020
  2. Define your VideoSettings
  3. Define your TimeZone
  4. The satellite configuration of your dish
  5. Scanning for channels
  6. Multi Extra diseqc / satellite set up
  7. Setup your Network (LAN) Settings

Now I have installed the latest PLi® software, how to I use it? (there are changes from previous versions)
  1. Navigating the Menu's a must read
  2. How to use the Remote Control
  3. Switching channels and adjusting the volume (most common everyday use)
  4. Using the Electronic Program Guide or EPG
  5. Switching between modes of operation - TV mode, Radio mode and File mode
  6. How to use the channel lists?
  7. How do I add/edit/use a personal channel (bouquets) list?

Seasons Greetings

To you and your families from PLi and all the PLi teams. Merry Xmas and all the best for 2010

Howto's based on the latest PLi® software
World wide web interface
Multimedia applications
Windows media center
Applications and added tools
Recording to my PC
Backup my DM7020

Frequently asked questions about the DM7020 [updated from our PLi® forum]
  1. Can I stream my DM7020 to my computer? A: Yes you can, see these links Streaming and the world wide web interface
  2. How to backup an image on DM7020 USB-stick by aminders from a PLi® forum post
  3. Known issues with the older DM7020 LAN <- click to learn more
  4. Please feel free to add more FAQ's or ask Wanwizard or jonc to help you add them.

Support the PLi® team and get a cup of coffee.

DM7020 Pli Wiki Tools

We have released a Desk Top application for the MAC and Windows so you can get more help, click here to learn more

The new OpenPli .. repository for the DM7020 has been released

Contains all the open source code where you can make your own software for the cable (C), satellite (S) and terrestrial (T) versions

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