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=====Howto install the latest PLi® image on my DM600=====

You will first of all need the following tools;

a. A windows PC
b. A Linux PC
c. DreamUP from Dream Multimedia - click here to download it - [[ Download the Windows dreamUP tool]]
d. The latest PLi® software image - click here to down load it - [[ Download our latest image for the DM600]]

[[ Download the Jade final for the DM600]]

===The first Howto below will follow the Windows based dreamUP install===

[[ How to use dreamUP - Dream Multimedia offical version]] Same as the Dm500

[[ The official Dream Multimedia via a web browser (same as the DM800)]]

[[DM600 Back 1 page]] : [[HomePage PLi® Wiki HomePage]]
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