Howto install the latest PLi® software image on my DM500+

You will first of all need the following tools;
a. A windows PC, a Linux PC
b. A crossover or null modem cable (where pins 2 & 3 in the cable are crossed over on one end)
c. DreamUP from Dream Multimedia - click here to download the Windows version - Download the Windows dreamUP tool
d. Our latest image - click here to down load it - Download our latest image You might like to put the image you have just downloaded into the same directory as you put dreamUP to make things easier on yourself.

Download the Jade final release for the DM500+

The first Howto below will follow the Windows based dreamUP install

How to use dreamUP - Dream Multimedia offical version Same as the Dm500

The second howto Flash via the http method

two other methods of flashing your DM500+

Stop Mode HTTP Image Install

In stop mode, the boot loader tries to get an IP address using DHCP. Make sure you have a DHCP server in your local network, or you will not be able to flash over the network.

Since a DM500+ does not have a display, and lacks the arrow buttons, the stop mode is approached differently.

Stop Mode may be entered into by 2 different methods,

Important !!!

Please be advised that your DM500+ will not come out of this stop mode mode once you put it in stop mode.
You must to flash your DM500+ now in order to get it up and running again.

The Telnet Method

Telnet into your DM500+ and run the following commands from shell.

telnet (where is your DM500+ IP address)

mount /boot -o remount,rw (re-mount the /boot directory with read & write permissions)

rm /boot/* (delete the contents of the /boot directory)

reboot (reboots the DM500+ into Stop Mode)

The Software Update Menu Method

With your remote control, navigate to the Software Update dialog (Software Update - overview here).
  1. Select "Prepare box for new image"
  2. answer "Yes" in the following dialog, confirming you which to put the DM500+ into Stop Mode.
  3. The DM500+ will reboot into Stop Mode.

Flashing The New Image

Open your web browser and enter your DM500+ IP address in the address bar to go to the flash interface.

Towards the bottom left you'll see a link named "Flash new firmware", click on it.


The next page will open, allowing you to browse for the image you wish to flash, select your *.nfi file of choice
(make sure the image is unzipped and ends with the .nfi suffix). After selecting the desired image,
simply click on the Flash button, the desired image will be uploaded and flashed to your DM500+.


When Flashing is completed your DM500+ will reboot, allowing you to configure (see options 2-5 on this screen) and use your new image.

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