Howto install the latest PLi® software image on your DM500

You will first of all need the following tools;
a. A windows PC, a Linux PC
b. A crossover or null modem cable (where pins 2 & 3 in the cable are crossed over on one end)
c. DreamUP from Dream Multimedia - click here to download the Windows version - Download the Windows dreamUP tool
d. Our latest image - click here to down load it - Download our latest image * note: there are two version of this image * You might like to put the image you have just downloaded into the same directory as you put dreamUP to make things easier on yourself.

Download the latest software here:
Jade Final release for the DM500
Jade Final release for the DM500 (Old Framebuffer)
Jade Final MaxVar for the DM500
Jade Final MaxVar (Old frame buffer)

The first Howto below will follow the Windows based dreamUP install

How to use dreamUP - Dream Multimedia offical version

The second Howto is not for those with a faint heart. Howto Flash via the root.cramfs method

It means that you use the network connection (or crossover cable) to FTP the image to your Dreambox and to flash it manually.

This way is only supported by the CDK boxes or what are also called Engima 1 boxes.

the DM500, the DM56xx and the DM7000

When you have an UTP (LAN) connection between your PC and Dreambox, do the following:
  1. Rename the image into root.cramfs (in small letters)
  2. Copy this root.cramfs with a FTP-software to your Dreambox in the subdirectory /var/tmp
  3. Push on the Dream or Menu button on your remote control to get into the Enigma menu
  4. Go to the System Settings menu and choose the Software update

Now choose Software update where you will see 2 possibilities:
  1. Internet update
  2. Manual update

Now you choose the last option (Manual Update).


The Dreambox is now looking for your /var/tmp/root.cramfs file and when it is found flashing starts the usual way.

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