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You can flash the 500HD via http but it is a bit more difficult than other boxes.

You need a DHCP server and a browser (Firefox best) and a network cable. Connect your Dreambox to a switch/hub/router in your local LAN.

The following steps assume you have a DHCP server.

Power down the Dreambox, either using "shutdown" and by switching off by the power switch.

1. Press and hold the power button.
2. Switch on your Dreambox (rear switch) while still holding the front power button.
3. Your Dreambox will get the next free DHCP IP address from your router.
4. Log into your router and identify which IP has been assigned to your box, e.g.
5. Enter this IP into your browser.
6. From the page displayed, select 'Update Firmware'
7. Browse to the required image, hit flash.
8. Reboot when finished.

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