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The DM500 an Engima 1 or E1 box

also known as a CDK box


Specific installation details for my set top box with the latest PLi® image
  1. Install the latest image on my DM500
  2. Define your VideoSettings
  3. Define your TimeZone
  4. The satellite configuration of your dish
  5. Scanning for channels
  6. Multi Extra diseqc / satellite set up
  7. Setup your Network (LAN) Settings

Understanding the different remote controls for the DM500 (3 of them)

Now I have installed the latest PLi® image, how to I drive my DM box? (there are changes from previous versions)
  1. How to use the Remote Control
  2. Switching channels and adjusting the volume (most common everyday use)
  3. Using the Electronic Program Guide or EPG
  4. Switching between modes of operation - TV mode, Radio mode and File mode
  5. Navigating the Menu's
  6. How to use the channel lists?
  7. How do I add/edit/use a personal channel (bouquets) list?

Howto's based on the latest PLi® images
  1. Howto use the WebInterface (webif) on my DM500
  2. Howto stream my DM500 box to my PC / MAC or Liniux Box
  3. Howto mount a HDD (hard disk) via my LAN to my DM500
  4. Howto stream movies on my PC to my DM500
  5. Howto watch IPTV streams on my DM500 - TVants
  6. Howto re-stream my DM500 box over the Internet
  7. Howto see my recording in Windows Media Center - Vista version
  8. Howto burn my recordings to CD or DVD in Windows Media Center - Vista
  9. Howto make my DM box into a media center for the home entertainment center?
  10. How to record with my DM500

Frequently asked questions about the DM500 [updated from our PLi® forum]
  1. None at the moment FAQ
  2. None at the moment FAQ

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