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Specific installation details for my set top box with the latest PLi® image
  1. Install the latest image on my DM500
  2. Define your VideoSettings
  3. Define your TimeZone
  4. The satellite configuration of your dish
  5. Scanning for channels

Now I have installed the latest PLi® image, how to I drive it? (there are changes from previous versions)
Howto's based on the latest PLi® images
  1. How to use the WebInterface (webif) on my DM500
  2. How to stream my DM500 box to my PC / MAC or Liniux Box
  3. How to mount a HDD (hard disk) via my LAN to my DM500
  4. How to stream movies on my PC to my DM500
  5. How to watch IPTV streams on my DM500 - TVants
  6. How to re-stream my DM500 box over the Internet
  7. How to see my recording in Windows Media Center - Vista version
  8. How to burn my recordings to CD or DVD in Windows Media Center - Vista
  9. How to record with my DM500

Frequently asked questions about the DM500 [updated from our PLi® forum]
  1. None at the moment FAQ
  2. None at the moment FAQ

Other set top box details;
DM500+: DM56xx : DM600 : DM7000 : DM7020 : DM7025 : DM800 :: Generic to all boxes

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