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Install the latest image on my DM500

Define your VideoSettings
Define your TimeZone
The satellite configuration of your dish
Scanning for channels

DM500dvb-c What about using an antenna or digital cable TV?

How to stream my DM500 to my PC
How to use zapstream on my DM500
How to mount a HDD (hard disk) via my LAN to my DM500
How to record with my DM500
How to use the WebInterface on my DM500

Other set top boxes;
DM500+ DM500+ : DM56xx : DM600 : DM7000 : DM7020 : DM7025 : DM800 :: Generic all boxes

The following 111 page(s) belong to DM500

Camd3 [Camd3]
CamX [CamX]
CCcam [CCcam]
Channel [Channel]
Channel Settings Howto [Channel Settings Howto]
DitIsEenNieuwePagina [DitIsEenNieuwePagina]
DM500hd [DM500hd]
DM500HDinstall [DM500HDinstall]
DM500install [DM500install]
DM500plus [DM500plus]
DM500plusinstall [DM500plusinstall]
DM500Remote [DM500Remote]
DM56xx [DM56xx]
DM56xxinstall [DM56xxinstall]
DM600 [The DM600 an Enigma 1 or E1 box]
DM600install [DM600install]
DM7000 [DM7000]
DM7000install [DM7000install]
DM7020 [DM7020]
DM7020BackupUSB [DM7020BackupUSB]
DM7025 [DM7025]
DM800 [DM800]
DM8000 [DM8000]
DreamBoxEdit [DreamBoxEdit]
DreamUP [DreamUP]
E1 [E1]
E1Bouquets [E1Bouquets]
E1File [E1File]
E1Games [E1Games]
E1Info [E1Info]
E1Menu [E1Menu]
E1MoviePlayer [E1MoviePlayer]
E1Multi [E1Multi]
E1Radio [E1Radio]
E1RemoteAll [E1RemoteAll]
E1Sat [E1Sat]
E1Satconfig [A new diseqc set up for North American users (when using the Dish LNB)]
E1Satfind [E1Satfind]
E1SatManual [E1SatManual]
E1Setup [E1Setup]
E1SoftwareDownloadsPlicons [E1SoftwareDownloadsPlicons]
E1SoftwareDownloadsPlugins [What addons and plugins can I install?]
E1SystemService [E1SystemService]
E1Timer [E1Timer]
E2Backup [E2Backup]
E2Defaultstartupchannel [E2Defaultstartupchannel]
E2ImageJade36504 [E2ImageJade36504]
E2ImageJade36555 [E2ImageJade36555]
E2ImageJade36654 [E2ImageJade36654]
E2ImageJade36692 [E2ImageJade36692]
E2ImageJade36705 [E2ImageJade36705]
e2MoviePlayer [e2MoviePlayer]
E2Plugins [E2Plugins]
E2PluginsCreate [E2PluginsCreate]
E2ShellCommands [E2ShellCommands]
e2Stream [e2Stream]
E2TrashCan [E2TrashCan]
e2Webif [e2Webif]
EnIndex [EnIndex]
ET9x00Flash [Xtrend ET9x00]
Evocamd [Evocamd]
Gbox [Gbox]
GenericIPTV [GenericIPTV]
GenericRestream [GenericRestream]
GenericStream [GenericStream]
GenericStream1 [GenericStream1]
GenericVista [GenericVista]
GenericVista1 [GenericVista1]
GenericVistaDVBSBridge [GenericVistaDVBSBridge]
HomePage [Welcome to the PLiĀ® Wiki]
HyperCam [HyperCam]
installation [How do I install the latest PLiĀ® software onto my box?]
jade2 [jade2]
maxvar [maxvar]
Menu [Menu]
Mgcamd [Mgcamd]
MountingHarddiskBox1toBox2 [MountingHarddiskBox1toBox2]
MountJffs2Image [MountJffs2Image]
MyPages [MyPages]
NewCS [NewCS]
ngrab [ngrab]
OpenCam [OpenCam]
OpenEmbedded [OpenEmbedded]
openpli [openpli]
OScam [OScam, Open Source softcam]
Oscam-Tuning [Oscam-Tuning]
PliFeatures [PliFeatures]
pluginwiki [pluginwiki]
PPanel [PPanel]
Radegast [Radegast]
Rqcamd [Rqcamd]
rytec [rytec]
Sbox [Sbox]
Scam [Scam]
softcamwiki [SoftCam Information]
using-openpli [using-openpli]
vuduo2 [vuduo2]
Vuduo2Flash [Vuduo2Flash]
vuplus [The Vu+ Duo an Enigma 2 or E2 box]
VuplusFlash [Vu+ DUO]
Webif [Webif]
Webifcommands [Webifcommands]
WebifPDA [WebifPDA]
WebInterface [WebInterface]
WikiStuff [WikiStuff]
xmltvimport [xmltvimport]
xtrend [Xtrend, an Enigma 2 or E2 box]
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