What is a Dreambox or DM box as we call it here in the wiki?

Please note: we only design our software to work on original DM set top boxes only

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I suspect you already know what a Dreambox is, but here some extra information for those of you who do not know...

The Dreambox is a Linux based receiver for digital TV and Radio programs.

There are several types with tuners which you can use:

In fact you must consider the Dreambox to a computer in it own right. Indeed a very specialized computer ...

Only this computer doesn't run on Windows, it runs and operating system called Linux. Most of you will have heard about Linux, probably some of you will have worked with it.

Although this is really not that important but it helps if you know the basics of Linux. The required knowledge comes already by playing with it. I hope ;) The Linux operating system is a command-line oriented operating system something like the old MS-DOS. Dream Multi Media have developed a graphic user interface on which you (just like at Windows) can use the software using icons and menus. That graphic user interface is called Enigma and has just been built on top of by the developers here at PLi® to make life more simple for you.

As described above, Enigma is the name of the Graphic User Interface for the Linux operating system in the DM box.

There are two types of Enigma boxes with the following models.



If it was released by Dream Multi-Media after 2007 then it is an Enigma 2 box. Before 2008 then it is an Enigma 1 box.

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